Products & Services

Mandalay CS

Mandalay CS is a software platform, based on the Microsoft Operating System, that integrates with a customer's site operations to record transactional information and provides seamless integration with business functions.

The Mandalay CS is used by:

  • weighbridge operators to capture transactional information and print tickets
  • site administrators and management for business reporting functions and to view, manage and audit information for EPA reports (in line with government requirements)
  • businesses looking to: expedite site access and unify data collection and reporting capabilities; improve transactional efficiency and system connectivity; improve staff resourcing through automated processes and integrated technology solutions.
Mandalay CS can also be integrated with new or existing equipment (weighbridges, access systems, transactional systems such as licence plate recognition, CCTVs, EFTPOS facilities).

Subscription and support

Mandalay understands that ongoing service and support is critical to the long-term success of a system implementation. By recognising Mandalay is as much about people as it is about technology, the company is dedicated to a seamless customer service experience.

Some of the additional services Mandalay offer include:

  • expert technical phone support between 8am-5pm (Brisbane time)
  • 24/7* after hours support
  • access to regular updates based on industry relevant intel
  • access to in-depth knowledge and high level technical expertise
  • electronic support 24/7 via a customer portal
  • cost forecasting (so clients can incorporate the ongoing fees in their budget)
  • a dedicated account manager
  • comprehensive user training tailored to each customer - provided on-site and available externally
  • working with administration and finance departments to ensure adequate training
  • professional services tailored to meet training, operational and business needs.

User training

Mandalay provides comprehensive user training for all project implementations, ensuring that software uptake is maximised. Classroom-style training sessions are tailored to each user's role and cater to a wide range of skill levels. Following the training, Mandalay staff engage in one-on-one user training where they work with weighbridge operators at the weighbridge until they are confident with the system. During this period, Mandalay staff also work with administration and finance departments helping them become comfortable with the practical implementation of the system, including providing adequate training to meet end of month reporting needs. After the Mandalay team has left the site, key users are contacted on a weekly and monthly basis to provide ongoing support and help until the system has been successfully integrated into the organisation.

Account management

Ongoing service and support is a critical factor for the long-term success of a system. Mandalay appoints an account manager to look after each client. The account manager maintains regular contact with the client, getting to know their team and organisational requirements, providing a point of contact for reports, trouble shooting and coordinating future projects. Providing an ongoing communication channel means Mandalay can continue to build customer's return on investment and work to meet evolving business needs.