Our People - Our Values

As a team made up of outstanding individuals, we agree to adopt a code of behaviour as a standard to which we will hold ourselves accountable. We agree to a guiding set of core values that underpin our culture as a company and as individuals. These core values shine through in everything we do. They are the values we stand for and will continue to hold as essential in the face of outside change. These values will not be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency. We expect our values to be the platform on which we hold ourselves and others accountable.

We care a lot!

  • approach our work with energy and passion
  • enjoy what we do
  • treat colleagues and customers like they actually matter
  • care and are invested in our companys purpose and its future
  • are passionate about solving real issues and that technology is part of the solution

We work with each other, not for each other

  • seek collaboration as the key to finding solutions
  • are a reliable source of support to our colleagues
  • respect the efforts and time of others (i.e. come prepared and on time to meetings)
  • we recognise the wisdom of the collective that everyone has an equal and valuable contribution to make regardless of their position on the company structure or their job title
  • empower each other to put forward different perspectives

Were all in this together

  • include people
  • be open, honest and genuinely engage with our customers and suppliers
  • talk positively and encourage each other
  • share information
  • embrace diversity by doing all the above!

We say what we mean, and mean what we say

  • we are (respectfully) candid and frank with each other
  • believe robust conversations will deliver the best results
  • promise what we can deliver/deliver what we promise
  • are honest about our capabilities with our customers
  • use metrics and data to make decisions

We are focused on the future

  • know why our company matters and the problems it wants to solve
  • find new ways of doing things
  • challenge the status quo in the best interest of our customers to lead them to innovative solutions
  • don't accept mediocrity, but see mediocrity as an opportunity for improvement