The Mandalay CS platform is an operational platform that delivers robust operational flexibility while conforming to strong financial principles.

The Mandalay CS system captures business data as part of each transaction based on administration business rules, and can operate in both manned and unmanned environments. When installed with weighbridges the system can be used to record loads, or when a weighbridge is unavailable loads can be recorded using vehicle type selection (deeming) or volumetric measurements.


The Mandalay CS system delivers comprehensive reporting capability that satisfies a broad range of reporting requirements including:

  • management reports
  • client reports
  • executive report summaries (local and forum level)
  • detailed reports (associated with summaries).

Reports are delivered via a centralised Web Based Reporting platform which allows PDF, Excel or raw data outputs by all organisational users, reducing the need for software installation on office computers.


Mandalay CS can record multiple payment types including cash, EFTPOS and account. A till check is kept for each day ensuring cash balancing. Account transactions can be automatically exported to any financial system on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Mandalay CS customers are currently using MYOB, QuickBooks, SAP, Finance One and many more.

The Mandalay CS platform is designed as an operational platform that delivers robust operational flexibility while conforming to strong financial principles. As such, financial fundamentals are maintained within the administrative management module, to ensure debtor management, contracts, jobs, departmental GL code alignment and invoicing management.

A branch accounting feature set ensures key debtor management rules are maintained when processing transactions, such as credit limits, cash payments and pricing rules.

Site management

At the point of sale Mandalay CS can:

  • manage traffic flow such as opening boom gates and switching traffic lights as well as cash draw opening and till checks
  • print and reprint and customise receipts
  • store vehicle configuration details (stored tare as well as a gross weight) to ascertain load measurements and warn operators regarding potential prohibited overloads
  • generate overload reports (as required by road transport and management)
  • capture vehicle weight as single or dual weight, or by using onboard weighing devices for net weight capture
  • capture vehicle licence and vehicle details for vehicle and client identification
  • interface with CCTV camera systems to capture images that identify licence plates, load and vehicle configuration - this information can be stored and linked to individual transactions and/or clients within the system.

Stock management functions

Mandalay CS can, through tracking individual transactions: record the direction, load location and destination of material delivery and exit from site, assist with the provision of stockpile management data and help track internal material movement on site. This allows direct reporting at each stage of the material's movement - mine-face, pre-crush and post crush.

Carriers and clients

Mandalay CS can record both carrier and client transactions. Delivery destinations and cartage fees can be configured to charge clients for a variety of delivery pricing. Many users supply clients with monthly transaction summary reports identifying each load a client received and who carried it. Transactional carrier reports can also be supplied.

Contracts and specialised pricing

Contract pricing can be scaled over the lifetime of the contract ensuring your clients are incentivised to fulfil their contracted volume. Pricing is controlled through contracts or customer grouping giving you a high degree of flexibility while ensuring maintainability.

Small sites and mobile operations

Mandalay captures transactions in a manner that would allow an onboard weigh equipped bucket loader to become a roving site office. This solution combines legal for trade onboard weigh devices with the power of a mobile point of sale system allowing transactional data capture within the bucket loader. This solution can be an ideal way to increase the portability of your operation, decrease site setup costs and split time between sites.


Royalties can be accrued and managed separately to product and contract pricing for each site. Royalty prices can be suppressed from dockets to give your customers a singular price.

Data and backups

Mandalay CS utilises specialised data transport services to ensure the organisation's transactional data recorded at site is securely backed up to a central location. This enables transactions occurring at a site to be reported on in a central office within minutes of occurring while ensuring your data is protected from machine failure on site. This process also ensures that administrative functions can be centrally controlled and applied in a consistent way across multiple sites.

Multi-site operations

Mandalay specialises in multi-site operations giving clients both centralised control and reporting. Data capture at each site is synchronised with a central location. Real-time operational reporting is possible from a centralised location reducing the requirement for onsite monitoring. Mixing of weight and volume transactional solutions at multiple sites is available and volumes can be converted to weight to enable standardised pricing and consistency of reporting. In addition, sites can continue to operate during network disruptions without impacting on the ability to record transactions.