Mandalay Technologies is a leading provider of
data capture and operational management solutions
for the waste management, quarry and logistics industries.

Why Mandalay

We enjoy helping you

For over 13 years we have refined our own business so we can improve that of our customers'. What's more, we enjoy dealing with our clients. It's what separates us from our competitors and what we refer to as "the Mandalay Difference".

But there is more that makes us different and the leaders in the marketplace...

We have a strong bias for service

We are proactive about service. It is a part of everything we do. It is an attitude that permeates our whole business - to assist wherever possible, whenever necessary. Where we can, we think ahead of an issue presenting itself. We have people dedicated to understanding the specifics of your problem and we are constantly building tools to take the onus off our customers to make life easier.

Our services include pre-installation site analyses, customisation of products to customer needs, beginning to end project management, user training, a specialised account management team providing ongoing service and additional business consulting to improve efficiency. We offer a truly complete, "full service" offering.

We offer more than just software

We understand that our customers look to us as the experts to solve a problem. First and foremost, we have the people who can understand the commerciality behind your business problem. We understand that we are dealing with your valuable assets and take the time to specifically identify the important issues. In so doing, our proposed solutions deliver direct business outcomes to you.

Software is one part of an overall, complete solution. We also provide the hardware and importantly, the support you need to ensure that all installation, project management, training and ongoing service needs for your system, exceed expectation and are of the highest quality.

We contribute to the industries we work in

We contribute directly to the industries in which we operate. We are committed to and passionate about them. We understand how important they are to the economies and nations they service and we take a leading role in making sure we are at the forefront of both information and development to pass on the best innovation to our customers.

Being an industry leader is about driving meaningful change. This is something that Mandalay is deeply committed to, exemplified by our ongoing research and development programs, engagement in environmental sustainability and the dynamic solutions we implement with our customers.

We have large enterprise experience and a great track record of successful implementation

We have the people that can talk on your level, who deal with large enterprises with complex financial and organisational systems. We have extensive experience, longevity and respect in the industries in which we operate. We also have a track record of success, results and long term customer relationships.

The most meaningful endorsement a business can receive comes from the advocacy of its long term customers and in this regard, Mandalay maintains many long term client relationships that have been partnerships of growth and success.

We employ experts

We seek out the best quality person in every role in the industries we work in and we are very proud of the team we have assembled at Mandalay. Our Team is a mixture of technical experts, highly competent sales and account managers and businesspeople. It gives us the flexibility and human resource to offer a complete solution to our customers.

We have a unique company culture

Driven by our Five Core Values, we cultivate a unique culture underpinned by respect for others, our own diversity, communication and growth. We specifically identify and practice those positive behaviours that help us create the workplace we want and the environment to achieve.

Strong industry leadership is driven by sound company management and Mandalay continues to recruit and develop talented leadership.

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