Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mandalay Technologies?

Mandalay was originally founded in 1996 as Weighmaster. In 20XX there was a change of ownership and a name change to Mandalay Technologies. Mandalay Technologies provides waste management solutions which are driving the waste industry's data capture, storage and reporting.

What is Mandalay CS?

MandalayCS is our core solution, which integrates seamlessly with your site operations from site access all the way through to client invoicing. Weighbridge operators use our ticketing function which captures the transactional information and prints tickets. Site administrators and management utilise our administration and reporting functions. Administration is the cornerstone of your waste management's success as you define and control how data is captured. Reporting enables you to view, manage and audit information pertaining to your operations as well as produce EPA reports in line with government requirements.

How much does Mandalay CS cost?

Our sales team can provide indicative costs based on a simple analysis of your operations and requirements. A formal quote can and will be provided once we conduct a more thorough analysis. We offer competitive prices based on an annual subscription and support model which means you pay one price throughout the life of the product, with all updates and technical support included.

Why can't I just pay for the Licence to use the software?

A traditional licence model where you pay for the licence to use the software means that updates to the product were provided at an additional cost, and you would pay an amount for annual maintenance. Our product is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the waste industry, and in turn, updates are released about every 6 months. Our Subscription and Support model means that there are no hidden costs for updates, and less paperwork throughout the year when updates are available. You also get unlimited technical support during business hours at no additional cost.

What is the architecture for the system?

The Mandalay system is capable of operating autonomously on a single dedicated PC. The system installation architecture is extendable to a number of redundancy options that enable speedy and managed recovery in the event of hardware failure. For many clients, a multiple site setup is required which will generally operate a Central database with replication to the site. Site requirements: The Mandalay Operational console (Ticketing), requires a single PC capable of connection to two weighbridges. The operator will have full view and management over all devices. Site PC's would generally operate Microsoft Windows (XP, 7) with Microsoft SQL (Express 2008, 2005). Central R\requirements: A central server will ideally be operating Microsoft Server (2008, 2003) and Microsoft SQL Database (2008, 2005) hosted at a central location. Replication will be used to synchronise data between each site and the central server in close to real time.

My site has less than reliable internet connectivity, is this a problem?

Mandalay's robust data replication setup allows a site's internet connection to be unreliable without causing downtime for an operator. When an internet connection is interrupted the operator can continue as usual and when it returns the data will begin to synchronise automatically.

My site experiences occasional power outages. What happens then?

Mandalay's preferred operator PC hardware is a robust resilient machine capable of withstanding harsh environments experienced at waste sites (dust and heat). It comes equipped with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) which can keep the operating on battery power in the event of a power outage.
Can your system operate if I have existing weighbridges, or add more in the future? What about traffic lights and boom gates?

Mandalay's system is designed to work with multiple weighbridges including different directional configurations. We can also integrate to the existing infrastructure using relay modules which will be supplied and are included in the hardware implementation scope and costs.

What technology does the system use?

The Microsoft Operating System is the standard deployment platform for Mandalay systems. Mandalay's support for current, future and older Microsoft products facilitates support for approximately 5-7 years past new version releases (allowing XP to be well supported for a further 3-5 years). Microsoft Office is an ancillary application that may be used in conjunction with the Mandalay system but is not necessary for its operation or daily management.

How does support work?

Mandalay operates a Support Help Desk and Production Support team during AEST business hours of 8am to 5.30pm. After hours' support is available outside of these hours, where out of hours' rates will apply. The primary support infrastructure is based in Brisbane Queensland, with support processes established for remote diagnosis as part of the initial deployment. Issues are dealt with by a professional team managing a quality resolution process.
How does implementation work?

Our team of Database Administrators, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts and Business Process Consultants ensure that a thorough review and recommendation for changes in relation to data setup and business operations is conducted. Mandalay Technologies provides a range of training options to support the implementation and use of the system.

How do you handle upgrades?

You get access to regular major releases of the Product throughout the year. We currently have structured a commitment of 4 major releases per year typically released within the first 2 weeks of each quarter. Our product roadmap includes improvements, enhancements and new modules to extend and improve upon a highly diverse range of core functions.
We typically encourage you to release a minimum of 1 general release (service pack) into production each year. Although you may wish to do more on the basis of new features released. You can carry out this release work yourself as you will be provided with documentation, release notes and implementation guides through the user portal, or you may wish to nominate the Mandalay professional services team to support you to do the work.